Cattle Mutilations

Since the first incident in 1967 some ten to twenty thousand domestic cattle have been found dead and mutilated, mainly in the United States. The animals have been found in fields with certain organs removed, cut open by a very sharp instrument or by laser. A rigorous investigation leads one to believe that the removal of the organs has taken place after the animal has been abducted by air: there are no traces of a struggle or of blood on the ground, animals are found in places inaccessible on foot, etc. Several theories have been put forward: predatory animals (the official version), the act of a satanic sect, abduction from space as UFOs have sometimes been sighted nearby, the work of the military since unmarked helicopters are often sighted at the scene. The difficulty in attributing this phenomenon to a human cause lies in its magnitude: what kind of organization would be able to succeed in mutilating more than 10,000 head of cattle without ever being seen by witnesses or police investigators? The media offer no solution and local authorities attempt to suppress the matter.

One might attempt to put the puzzle together in the following way, although the outcome is uncertain, by imagining that the American military is behind these mutilations. It is important to note that the technique employed may have evolved since the start of the mutilations, and that it must vary from one case to another in such a manner as to produce confusion among the investigators.

There are sometimes marks on the animals’ backs that make them visible in ultraviolet light so that they can be spotted at night [citing the research of Howard Burgess and Sergeant Gabriel Valdez].
The animals are killed on the ground by chemical or bacteriological injection [citing the research of Howard Burgess], or by microwave laser shots (aerial shot or from the ground) [citing the work of Linda Howe, mentions exposure to microwaves]. The continuing electromagnetic, biological or chemical effect could explain why predators and insects do not approach the body. Sometimes, too, numerous insects are found dead, as in certain crop circles.
An operative on the ground quickly carries out the removal of the organs after cutting open the animal with a sharp instrument, a traditional scalpel, a laser instrument, or an ultrasonic scalpel. The animal’s blood may be removed by puncturing a vein and suction. The operative leaves no trace of footprints or vehicle on the ground, using suitable equipment.
The removal of organs or of skin is perhaps only a decoy serving to extract those parts which have absorbed chemicals or been burned by microwaves, so that the cause of death may remain unknown even if the animal is given an autopsy. This removal can also permit an examination of the degree of radioactive contamination of these organs.

When the situation is favourable with no nearby witnesses, the animals are moved by helicopter in order to suggest an aerial removal of the organs thus giving credence to the extraterrestrial theory. The helicopter can be quiet if equipped with the NOTAR system (No Tail Rotor). It is not necessary to use heavy equipment: after 1969, a light helicopter of the Aerospatial Lama 315B type, weighing one ton and 13 metres long would be capable of transporting by the sling method a cow weighing 700 kilos or a bull of more than a ton. One frequently finds marks left by crampons or steel wires on a leg, or of straps beneath the abdomen [citing the research of Howard Burgess]. The animal is dropped at some height as evidenced by broken tree branches, broken legs or ribs, etc. The helicopter maintains sufficient height so as not to disturb the ground vegetation or trees.

A deliberately staged UFO flight is sometimes used as a diversionary tactic and to give credence to the extraterrestrial theory. The operative can also produce fake landing marks on the ground, using suitable equipment, or else a heavy object is lowered and then raised again from the helicopter in order to create impressions on the ground, possibly radioactive ones.
These "UFOs" might also be remote-controlled reconnaissance systems (drones) allowing the operators to ascertain whether there are any witnesses present. The first drones of this kind appeared during the 60s.
When, in rare cases, the ground operative or the helicopter are spotted by witnesses or when the police investigators are too efficient, the military enjoins them to secrecy. Some zealous investigators are put under surveillance or are subject to attempts of intimidation or threat of death, and others are relieved of their duties. Let us here praise the courage of John Paternoster, District Attorney for the 8th District of New Mexico, and of Sheriff Pat Oakley, for their tenacity in pursuing an elucidation of the mystery of the mutilations, which they chose to treat as carefully as cases of homicide.
In order to rekindle public interest or to confuse investigations, colourful details may be added in certain cases. For example, a medical bag was found which contained the organs of a mutilated animal and which seemed to have fallen from a considerable height. A document, very likely to be a fake document by the fact that it is neither signed nor dated although coming from an official source, thus making any investigation into the newspapers of the time impossible, mentions humans who have been mutilated along the same lines]. Etc.
Lastly, the showy and frightening nature of some mutilations should be noted.

Apart from the American military’s will to maintain belief in extraterrestrials there must be other motives which the reader is free to imagine for him/herself: actual training of the commandos but also of the disinformation services, testing of chemical and bacteriological weapons [citing the research of Howard Burgess and Sergeant Gabriel Valdez] or of microwave weapons, the discreet eradication of a bovine virus, etc. However, the most plausible hypothesis as to the motive (following the research of David Perkins, and also of Richard Sauder) is that of an evaluation by the American military of the radioactive fallout on the environment after hundreds of nuclear tests carried out since the 1950s. Some of these, it is known, were contaminating. The examination of certain organs taken from herbivorous animals would allow the evaluation of the degree of ground radiation in those regions where the wind had scattered gigantic radioactive clouds. In January 1993, a report by the American Agency for the Protection of the Environment confirmed the necessity of exercising some control over the animals destined for consumption which had been grazing near to the sites at risk from contamination such as former zones of nuclear testing, uranium mines and waste facilities. This control test needed to be done on blood and removed organs. Why not discreetly remove these organs in the abattoirs? It has been suggested that the animals should perhaps first of all be given an injection and be marked before proceeding with the removal of organs at a later time, but up to now that has remained speculative…

Here it is difficult to resist the temptation of connecting these animal tests with the taking of secretion samples carried out on victims of extraterrestrial abduction (CE4), although it is still premature to think that it is a matter of another series of radioactive contamination tests in which case these thousands of abductions would only be another staging of events by the American military. It seems very improbable, although it is clear that some CE4s were staged by the military. The concept of MILAB (military abduction) has in fact appeared a few years ago as a result of the investigations of Helmut Lammer, who bases his research on abduction accounts implicating the military, sometimes working alongside the extraterrestrials. For once it seems that here the military are innocent of the crimes, worthy of the Nazis, of which they are accused, as we shall see later with the hypothesis of mental projections into a parallel universe.

If the number of 10,000 to 20,000 head of cattle mutilated over a period of 30 years or so seems large and leads us to wonder how the American military would dare to carry out this slaughter, one must nevertheless remember that lightning alone produces as many victims in a single year in the United States. In spite of this, in certain American States, discontented cattle-owners have formed self-defence militia groups armed with rifles and shoot at anything overflying their fields by night. Interdiction of night flying has therefore been introduced in some regions.

In the same way that, in 1991, a crop circle was made in front of the British prime minister’s country residence, something which only the secret service would have been capable of doing, so, in October 1975, two mutilated animals were discovered near the entrance to the nuclear weapons factory in Rocky Flats, near Denver and, again, in August 1976, another animal was found at the entrance to the headquarters of NORAD (North American Defense Command) in Colorado [article by Gildas Bourdais]. Once again, no practical joker would have been in a position to carry out such a hoax within these areas under strict military surveillance, and the guilty parties are all ready-made and available (even if those who hold to the extraterrestrial hypothesis consider that, from their point of view, it is the extraterrestrials themselves who thus come to remind us of the secret pact they must have signed with the American military so as to be able to carry out without hindrance biological removals of animal parts…). If these facts ever came to light, how would the military be able to justify its scandalous activities in the eyes of American farmers and can it accept to take on its responsibilities as much in connection with the nuclear contamination of the population as in connection with its clandestine and illegal activities? It is clear that it may take decades of official denials before some tangible proof becomes available and until the military admits to its participation in the mutilations. Before that happens the military will have been careful to progressively reduce the number of mutilations carried out so as to lessen the importance of the matter in the eyes of the public, until in the end it is forgotten. Finally, the military will be able to call upon the discreet eradication of a bovine virus, mentioned above, displaying the "proof" that the last mutilation cases did involve contaminated cows, whereas actually it very often involves healthy animals. Of course, it will be impossible to verify that all the mutilated animals were indeed contaminated, and the media will have to content themselves with this explanation, which will permit the whole matter to be buried.

Crop Circles   

These have been observed mainly in the south of England (Hampshire, Wiltshire…) since the 60s, and more recently all over the world. To the present day their number has been estimated to at least 5,000.

In the beginning it was a question of ears of wheat found flattened down to ground level in the form of a circle. Since then the phenomenon has become considerably complex and diversified. Nowadays the patterns found in fields are large up to some hundreds of metres in size, and complex geometric shapes, completed in a very short time such as less than half a minute. Many hypotheses have been examined, including that of extraterrestrials because UFOs have often been observed in the vicinity, sometimes casting a luminous ray towards the ground.

It is likely that these geometric designs are due to the firing of an aerial military microwave cannon, piloted by computer. The arguments supporting this view are as follows:

Why Microwaves:

Research by Dr Levengood (of BLT Research Team), an American biophysicist, corroborated by the analyses of Ken Larsen, a British biologist, has shown that the way in which the stalks (wheat, rapeseed…) are flattened without being broken or damaged is typical of a UHF microwave effect. Thus one can see stalks of rapeseed curving at 90 degrees, the flowers of which are still intact, although those same rapeseed stalks break easily when one attempts to bend them over by hand. The new position taken up by the plant becomes fixed. It continues to grow horizontally  and breaks if one tries to return it to the upright position.
Phenomena of electromagnetic origin have been observed at the locations: irregular compass behaviour, disturbance of electrical apparatus , disturbance of radio frequencies, luminous flashes , cracking sounds, animals obviously unwell, dowsing effects , etc. Numerous positive effects (spontaneous cures, feelings of peace…) or negative effects (temporary paralysis, mental confusion, loss of memory, terror…) have also been observed in humans. Let us remember that certain effects could also be explained by a reaction of fertilisers or pesticides subjected to microwave radiation, a reaction which could release toxic gases, who mentions organic phosphates]. The appearances of luminous flashes and the cracking sounds are not inevitably objective phenomena and they could be only feelings induced in the brain of the witness by an electromagnetic field. Albert Budden gives an example of such magnetophosphenes: "If the brain of the subject is exposed to an [alternating] magnetic field whose frequency varies from 10 to 100 Hz and whose power varies from 200 to 1,000 G, the subject will see flashes of light [...] in the top left corner of his visual field." [citing research by L. Ruttan, M. Persinger and S. Koren].
The investigator Busty Taylor showed that samples of plants or ground taken in a crop circle could be attracted by a simple magnet. That could be explained by the fact that the ferromagnetic particles present in the dust of the atmosphere were bound with the site of the circle, after or during its creation. Some of these particles have been scrutinised under microscope. They seemed to have melted when touching the soil or the plants to create a fine cracked glaze.
A bird was found within one particular formation and its body appeared literally to have exploded, as if it had been cooked alive in a microwave oven. In other formations some dried out hedgehogs were discovered. Also wheat grains are dehydrated and crunchy. They are less conductive according to work by Dr Levengood.

Microwave laser technology appeared during the 50s and has been improving in keeping with the increasing complexity of the crop circles. Is it a mere coincidence?

More than 50% of the circles observed in England have appeared during cloudy or rainy weather: the cloud cover would allow the origin of the microwave firing to be hidden. Microwaves are able to pass through clouds and act through falling rain, and they are perhaps less damaging to plants when it is raining.

Certain patterns suggest the use of a rotating beam with variable diameter according to the circles in question, which might correspond to either the natural or deliberate dispersion of a maser beam, fired from a high altitude. The diameter is estimated to be less than 30 centimetres at a distance of 20 kilometres.

Why by Computer;

The geometric designs observed today are typical of those one can see on computers: 3D designs, fractal designs… Certain patterns are, mathematically speaking, pretty complex .

The designs are drawn very rapidly, by day and by night, sometimes in front of witnesses who report seeing the ears of wheat flattening out in front of them in a few dozens of seconds. Three accounts of this type have been recorded up to the present day, coming from known and trustworthy witnesses. Numerous other accounts have come from unfortunately less trustworthy persons.

Why an Aerial Shooting:

There are no traces of access to the sites even when the field is not lined by tractor tracks because the crop is not sprayed, or when the ground is muddy. We must remember that a field of mature rapeseed cannot be crossed on foot because the plants (as high as 1,50 metres) are tightly interwoven.

There are sometimes broken or burned tree branches directly above the circles.

Why by the Military:

HPM (High Power Microwave) technology is used by the military today for destroying enemy electronic equipment.

President Reagan’s "Star Wars" (SDI) proposed the setting up of various antimissile laser devices. Let us mention only the GBL (Ground-Based Laser), a ground cannon aimed at a reflecting satellite which sends the light beam to a combat satellite mirror, and the SBL (Space-Based Laser) which aims directly at the target. Even if the global project has been abandoned, some of its devices may have been completed on a small scale. The firing can also be carried out from a plane (airborne laser) or a dirigible balloon positioned at a height of 20 kilometres and stabilized for example by ionic propulsion engines. As the reader will appreciate, the necessary technical means appear to be accessible only to the military.

In 1991, a design appeared in front of the country residence of the British Prime Minister John Major, pointing towards the house. Obviously this dwelling was under strict surveillance because of a fear of IRA terrorist acts. What other organization apart from the secret services would be behind such a design? Numerous crop circles have also been observed in fenced military areas under surveillance.

The military wish to maintain the belief in extraterrestrials and are carrying out psychological warfare tests. They have the means for decoying the observers with fake saucers so that the circles will be attributed to extraterrestrials.

The military secret services are not held back by the risk of killing. Unfortunately the "circles" have already produced one victim: on the 22nd October 1987, as his jet was passing above a crop circle, the pilot ejected and then detached himself from his parachute before hitting the ground. Some aerial photographers report that the designs have a noticeable influence on them and on the aircraft controls when it is flying above them.

The British military is co-operating extensively with the American military and may have agreed to the use of "its" land.

The authentic formations have, of course, lead to numerous imitations which were at first rare and clumsy but nowadays are more common and sometimes impressive if the hoaxers have worked as a team for long hours. Competitions have been organized but no hoax has been able to withstand close scrutiny.

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In order to distinguish an authentic pattern from a hoax, investigators concentrate mainly on the bending of the plant's stalk at its base, the plant having always to remain unbroken, something which imitators find impossible to achieve as they tread down their design in all directions during its making. Freddy Silva sometimes uses infrared photography on which one must see appear traces of disturbances in the spread of water within the soil if the design has really been created by heat-inducing rays. Debbie Benstead and other researchers often clearly identify a metallic taste in their mouths when they walk within an authentic formation which could be due to a residual electromagnetic field interfering with tooth filling inside their mouth.

In 1991, according to research by George Wingfield, the CIA and the British Ministry of Defence secretly persuaded two retired gentlemen, David Chorley and Douglas Bower, to declare that they were the authors of the crop circles that had been observed to date, without providing evidence to support their statement. When this explanation became clearly insufficient, some agricultural students then made their appearance claiming they were making the circles. Now that it is almost admitted that microwaves are involved, are we to see appear in the media a group of scientist hoaxers who make designs in the fields from their telecommunications satellite?


 A few of the pictograms observed in England