A copy of a supposedly leaked government document on the 1947 UFO sightings and Roswell,
posted outside a store near the infamous
"Area 51" in Nevada




Freedom of Information

(FOI) Document


This document was taken directly off of the FBI FOI web site. It describes the finding of 3 crashed flying saucers in New Mexico. Each saucer contained 3 dead ET occupants. 


If you would like to look at the information on the FBI web site, it is in PDF format and requires Acrobat Reader. I went through a lot of trouble getting to this page. My computer seized up several times, down-loading times were very slow, the refresh button had to be used and I performed other random manipulations that I've lost track of. However, if you like, this page can be reached as follows...


Click on the following link...  http://foia.fbi.gov/

Then on the left hand side of page click on... Reading Room Index

Then scroll down to and click on... Unidentified Flying Objects

Then click on... Part 08

Then scroll to page 34

This is page 34 of that file.

Note reference to 3 flying saucers in New Mexico and its dead occupants. One has to assume that the Air Force investigator who filed the report knew what he was talking about.