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The Panzerwagen ADGZ was an original Austrian Army M35 armored car that was impressed into German Army service in 1939 with police detachments during Poland’s occupation. In 1941, Steyr received a request from the Reichsführer-SS to complete a further 25 new ADGZ vehicles for the SS military. These were delivered in 1942 and were used by the SS to fight partisans in the Eastern Europe and the Balkans.


Technical Data:


Manufacturer: Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG

Chassis Numbers: GZ-1 thru GZ-27

Production: 25 produced in early 1942 for the SS

                   38 produced for Austrian Army in 1938

Crew: 6

Weight: 12 tons

Length: 6.26 meters (20.658 ft)

Width: 2.16 meters (7.128 ft)

Height: 2.56 meters (8.448 ft)

Engine: Austro-Daimler M612 6 cylinder, 12 liter, 150 hp @ 1,800 rpm

Gearbox: 3x2 forward

                3x2 reverse

Speed: 70 km/hr (45 mph)

Range: 450 km (280 miles)

Armament: 1x 20mm KwK35 L/45/1x 7.92mm MG-34/2x7.92mm MG-34

Ammunition: 100 rounds x 20mm/2,500 rounds MG




Steyr M35 (ADGZ)
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Bussig A5P


During the early months of World War One most of the enemies of the German Army fielded armoured cars and the OHL, reluctantly impressed, ordered the construction of similar German vehicles for combat.


The order was given in a competition between the three firms of Daimler, Ehrhardt and Büssig.


The vehicle constructed by Büssig in 1915, the A5P, was an armored behemoth, 9.5 meters long and weighing 10.2 tons; however, since it was only equipped with a 6-cylinder engine, its top speed was only 35 km/h. It was equipped with 3 MGs and manned by a crew of nine.


As the Ehrhardt was found to be superior, no more than this single copy was built. Nevertheless, it was used on the Eastern Front by the Panzerkraftwagen-MG-Zug-1 in Romania in 1916, and in the Ukraine in 1918.


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