"I Did See the Flying Discs"

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The UFO Arnold Sighting
[Written June 1992]

In the Beginning

June 24, 1947, 2:59 PM. - the skies over Mount Rainier in the state of Washington. Kenneth Arnold, an Idaho businessman, is flying his private plane, searching for a downed aircraft which has been missing. Arnold is also an employee of the United States Forest Service. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, he sees nine disk-shaped objects flying at more than 1,200 miles per hour. They appear to be flying between Mount Rainier and Mount Adams, weaving in and out of formation. Arnold observes them at about 10,000 feet, for several minutes, until they vanish.

"It seems impossible," Arnold said, "but there it is." (The Associated Press)

When a newsman asked him to clarify the objects' appearance, Arnold suggested that "they flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across water."

Thus was the modern "myth" of "flying saucers" born. Everyone began talking about and looking for flying saucers. Arnold had never said they were "flying saucers;" he had only given out a highly imaginative metaphor.


Obviously, this was not the first report of a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). Just a few months before, people in Sweden were seeing strange objects in the sky. And for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, human beings from all over the world have been witnessing and experiencing strange "encounters" with vehicles from another world or realm of existence. Not so long ago, Erich von Däniken wrote an immensely popular book called Chariots of the Gods? His major premise was that astronauts from other planets had visited our Earth in ancient times. When Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone fame was still alive, he hosted a special on this subject, particularly focusing on strange and enormous line drawing-patterns in the landscape of South America (the Nazca Plain) and diagrams of the Mayans that seem to reveal contact with extra-terrestrials and their vehicles.

There are also some who believe that The Bible is filled with references to extra-terrestrials. Ezekial's vision of a flaming chariot in the sky, Jacob's dream of angels ascending to and descending from Heaven via a ladder, Moses' Pillar of Fire and so on are thought -- by some researchers - to be expressions of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Nevertheless, the Arnold sighting is considered the true birth of the flying saucer/UFO craze. As such, its astrological meaning can be deciphered by examining the horoscope for the moment Kenneth Arnold experienced his rendezvous with destiny.


The Arnold Saucer Chart

The most significant factor in this birth map wasn't even available to astrologers living from June 24, 1947 through October 1977. The comet/small planet Chiron--discovered by Charles Kowal on November1, 1977, 10 AM PST, Mount Palomar, CA was rising within 1 deg. of the Ascendant as Arnold sighted the nine disk-shaped objects. We will see how important this location is when we focus on the chart for the discovery of Chiron.

Think about it. Let's say an astrologer calculated this chart between 1947 and October 1977. All the regular planets, the Moon and Sun would appear. The Ascendant would be 4 deg. Scorpio, but no planetary body would be right on the horizon.

Chiron rising at the Arnold UFO map is a mighty symbol. We don't even know what Chiron actually is. First considered a small planet, astronomical investigators then suggested it might be a runaway asteroid or even a comet. Until we have a close-up photograph of Chiron, it's still possible it could be something else, perhaps an "object" from another solar system or galaxy. Even if Chiron is simply a planetary body and not an artificial satellite created by extraterrestrials, consider its placement in our solar system.

Chiron --which is now strongly associated with the healing arts, the chakras, astrology, chiropractic medicine, initiatory experiences, shamanism and the like-- is located in the zone between Saturn and Uranus, a part of the solar system where the visible meets the invisible. Isn't this a fascinating parallel to UFOs which appear to weave in and out of our dimension of life? Chiron has a distinct connection to the mystery of UFOs and visitations by extra-terrestrials.

It should be noted that all three outer planets figure prominently in this chart.

Uranus --at 23 deg. Gemini-- is within 1 deg. of its own discovery placement from March 13, 1977. Uranus can only return to this dynamic zone for a few months every 84 years. Uranus rules the unexpected, shocking events, space travel and aviation.

Pluto is the most elevated planet in this map --symbolizing the national metamorphosis and allegations of governmental cover-ups that would ensue for decades following this event.

Neptune had just made a direct station five days before the Arnold sighting. But notice the Moon in this chart. It is located in late Virgo. The next day, June 25th, when Kenneth Arnold told his story and the "flying saucer" craze began taking off, the Moon and Neptune were exactly together in the 12th house (mysteries) of this chart. The Neptune station and the Moon-Neptune alliance represent the mass phenomenon that the UFO movement has grown into over the years.

It is now 45 years since the Kenneth Arnold event near Mount Rainier. Every 15 years, Saturn either opposes or conjoins its placement from June 24, 1947. Since Saturn has much to do with definition, focus and reality, it is meaningful to look at 1962 (Saturn in Aquarius)..

When transiting Saturn first opposed the Saturn placement from the Arnold sighting, it was 1962. In February of that year, seven planets conjoined in Aquarius at a Total Solar Eclipse. Many people have referred to this as the symbolic "dawning of the Age of Aquarius." We do know that later that year, we experienced the Cuban Missile Crisis (October)--when America and Russia almost ignited a planetary, nuclear holocaust. Saturn was stationary in October 1962 at 5 deg. Aquarius, closely opposing Saturn from June 24, 1947.