- the most powerful German anti-tank weapon at mid-war with its powerful 8.8 cm gun L/71, still better than the one of the Tiger I. It was built on the chassis of Ferdinand Porsche's proposed version for the Tiger (Porsche, which had been rejected in favor of the Henschel's version.

Its first war action was unlucky: during the battle of Kursk it sustained very high losses without showing its qualities.

With a better antipersonnel armament and a reinforced armor, it would  become a frightning anti-tank weapon during the rest of the war, especially in Italy. The last four units surviving still tried to stem the Russian flow near Berlin in April of 1945.


The combat compartment is located at the rear of the vehicle. The long barrel of the gun ends with a muzzle brake beyond the hull. The general outlook is boxy.

There are no return rollers.

Other designation(s): Ferdinand, Jagdpanzer Tiger (P), Sd. Kfz. 184




Tiger II B 1944

Tiger II B Abschlußausführung mid 1945

Tiger II C (E75) late 1945



Jagdpanther II

Geschützwagen Löwe, based on  E100 or Waffenträger Grille, based on extended Tiger II B ?