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UFOs: Reality or Myth?

On July 4th, 1947 a strange looking silver colored craft crashed into an arroyo leaving four of its passengers dead and one alive. The army had been tracking UFO's on radar from two different bases several days before. Mac Brazel, a rancher discovered a mile wide debris field at a different site after hearing something louder than a thunderclap, during a storm the day before and decided to alert the Roswell Sheriff's office. While the Army set off to retrieve what ever it was that exploded of their radar screens, an archaeological team investigated the meteor-like descent they had seen the previous night. The sheriff ordered two deputies to the site and the Roswell fire Dept. also set off after being called to investigate.

Major Jesse Marcel set off to retrieve some strange debris with another, after the Sheriff reported the incident as described by Mac Brazel. The rest of the story is a desperate tale perpetrated by the military to convince the world that a weather balloon was to blame and continued an immense effort to cater to the American curiosity by perfecting the art of "Debunking" all UFO sightings.

If you've even attempted to read some decent books on UFOs, you can't help but wonder why it's such a big deal for our military and governmental forces to protect the population of American sheep from the big bad alien wolverines. Well, if it were that easy to fool me, I'd still be a soldier in the military thinking that the only enemy were the communists.

The simple truth of the matter is, that at the time of the Roswell UFO crash, America had just won W.W.II, and had a new desperate enemy. Namely, the Soviet Union. We were busy grabbing as much 'state of the art' German technology (including Herman Oberth and Wernher Von Brown) as were the Russians from the battered soil off the now defunct Nazi war machine.

Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects

conducted by the University of Colorado

This half-million-dollar, 965-page report probably represents the ultimate case against the UFO "cult" – in fact, it was to be the last scientific word on that controversial subject. But, paradoxically, the report contains some evidence suggesting that the UFO phenomenon should be studied further

For years people have asked why would the U.S. government have become actively involved in a cover-up of the Roswell 1947 UFO crash (and possible recovery) of living/dying/dead extraterrestrials. Why for that matter should there be UFO cover-ups of any kind?

Bestselling Book Exposed as a Hoax!

By Brad C. Sparks

The only thing "extraterrestrial" in Philip Corso's book "The Day After Roswell", is the height of his tall tales, certainly the tallest

Roswell tales to date. His thesis of course (for those of you blessed with not hearing this rubbish before) is that many of our high-tech advances such as microcircuits (and the transistor before IC's), lasers, fiber optics, microwave ovens, Star Wars SDI weapons, etc., all actually came from "reverse engineering" the alien technology found in the crashed UFO near Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947 -- a feat largely made possible by Corso himself when he purportedly divvied up the alien goodies while working at Army R&D in the early 60's. But in his haste to cash in on Roswellmania he has made some fantastic blunders of history that completely expose him as a fraud in the most embarrassing way.

The Russians had gone back on any promises made and began annexing a big chunk of Europe in the name of Communist Expansionism and future world domination. We were paranoid of what the Russians might have developed in response to the two atom bombs we dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Soviet spies had successfully infiltrated our military machine and government and strange unidentified craft were hovering over our most secret installations, performing aerial feats, which left every military expert speechless. When the Army discovered not Russians, but humanoid creatures and a ship made of substances that seemed light years ahead of anything we could imagine, you can easily understand why the veil of secrecy fell with such finite force. A technology had been "captured" complete with aliens that could change the world or turn it upside-down over night.

When I speak of change, I mean: Pulse magnetic propulsion (defying gravity), Integrated circuits, micro processors, laser, supertenastic fiber (Kevlar), fibre optics, night vision, super conductivity, etc. Other changes include a major paradigm shift concerning religion, philosophy, science, the economy which was running on fossil fuels and the new born atomic energy concept. Even though at the time we had very little know how, we knew the Soviets had to be left out in the dark at all cost. The era of "National Security" was born giving birth to the Central Intelligence Agency, the three branches of the Armed Forces and the much dreaded National Security Agency which operates outside the jurisdiction of our Constitution in order to protect it (?).

Many "brave" individuals have investigated the vague history of the "Roswell Incident", only to be ridiculed by the media, in the most mundane ways. But these investigators and researchers managed to bring forth so many witnesses to the facts, that it is no longer possible to sweep it under an immense carpet called America.

The latest person to come forward was the late Army Colonel Philip Corso. His resume is impeccable taking him back to three major wars, answering directly to General MacArthur, President Eisenhower at the White House and General Trudeau at the Pentagon. He was given the a large piece of the Roswell file, complete with actual objects and devices. His job was to filter the technology through research and development at Fort Beldoir to the biggest American military contractors.

In his biographical book, he describes in detail the difficulties in achieving this task. And for that achievement, he became one of Americas greatest unsung heroes. He knew fully well what would happen when he came forward. The media would do the job for the NSA. They ridiculed him and tore his book apart, but they could never touch his credentials, or the enormous pride his family and friends shared for him. He died a year after he took the world by storm. Unlike all the researchers studying the history of the UFO phenomenon, he was a solid insider who didn't have the luxury of just believing; he simply knew without choice.

It is always better to read about something from at least three separate highly recommended sources after the fact, when enough time has past for researchers and investigators to gather all the facts. When most of the facts coincide with all three publications, you can rest assured that there is a good degree of truth involved. There are over 500 first hand witnesses still alive to, not only to the debris, the aliens, military threats to silence civilians, the active cover-up, reports and consequent disinformation, but yet another 500 second hand witnesses to the stories told by the first. If you need more proof than that, then you are simply in denial. Perhaps for those who don't at least believe, a UFO will crash in the backyard, aliens and all.

The story doesn't end here. Our government has gone through great length to compartmentalize, so that one might be completely oblivious to what the other is doing. This is how the public is shielded from what ever truth is out there. Bureaucracy and red tape are thus the front line of National Security. When researchers and investigators began using the Freedom of Information Act to attain government documents relating to UFOs, almost all documents had been censored or made unreadable by blacking out most if not all the pages that followed. There are thousands of such documents. One UFO organization took a stand and managed to take it to court. The CIA would not release certain information, and the Judge ruled in their favour after he was spoken to in his chamber shortly before the verdict. He openly admitted that this information would threaten National Security if released to the public.

Many other UFOs have crashed since Roswell, but the International Retrieval Teams sponsored by the NSA are quick to avoid public awareness. Why? Because of what I stated above. This country runs on oil and nuclear fuel. The operators are the richest and most powerful men in the world and the world economy depends on the price of oil set by the Middle East.

They will squeeze every cent out of oil before they introduce pulse magnetic propulsion or gravity wave amplifiers. Its not the American people that are not ready for this new technology, its the top 5% that run the country. Greed will always rule in America'

If you think "Alien Abduction" is taking this UFO craze just a little to far, think again. Why did they crash here in the first place. What do they want from us? Let's start with cattle mutilations in which each documented case, a laser-like device was used, no blood was spilled and no tracks were found and all of since the 1940's. There are over a thousand documented cases. So, what has the US. Dept. Of Agriculture done to investigate and/or prevent it from happening again? As they are an official government agency, they have strict orders not to investigate or comment. That is that.

Thanks to Betty and Barney Hill's alleged UFO abduction, the story has unfolded, identifying alleged victims of abductions by the thousands, if not more. One such man was Whitley Strieber, an American writer who painfully decided to risk his career by publishing "Communion". Soon after Bud Hopkins, an Artist and hypnotist published Missing Time, a collection of experiences relating to UFOs from everyday people, recalled in part by hypnosis. Then came Dr. John E. Mack, a Harvard professor who published his work with UFO "abducties". His work also included the use of hypnosis. This is where the credibility of both the client and therapist lost the edge. Hypnosis became the focal point of criticism and the media began a blitz of ridicule hypnosis and the men who purported its worth. The writers didn't quit. Whitley Strieber for one, managed to put out five more books on the subject and is bull dozing his way through the great American denial going so far as to video tape medical surgeries, during which foreign objects (alien implants?). These are the stories from which the Fox TV series "X-Files" gets its material.

In a nutshell, the aliens seem to be as real as you and me, except that they have great difficulty in reproducing. Most documented abductions involve women who have eggs removed from their ovaries, or foreign fetal entities implanted into their womb for short periods of time. Men seem to be abducted primarily for their sperm. The consequence is an alien-human hybrid that may look human, with telepathic abilities, but little or no ego. Apparently the alien species is trying to prolong their existence. In addition to the "Medical" procedures, inflicted upon the abductees, visions of current and future earth devastation are shown. As a consequence, some abductees become strong proponents for environmental safety. Though many writers claim that the aliens are helping us in some godly way by warning us of our own impending self-destruction (environmental breakdown), others are screaming about the impending take over of planet earth. Okay, so maybe they are going too far. But consider this. Why did our gov't act so quickly at Roswell. Was it because:

a. We were afraid the Soviets had superior technology and the aliens were on their side.
b. The same would happen to the American public as did when "War Of The Worlds" was broadcast on radio (Orson Wells). People would panic.
c. The stock market would crash.
d. We can use this technology and become a superpower and beat the communists.
e. We were afraid of being invaded by aliens, and needed the technology to beat them at their own game.
f. We had to know what we had.

And the answer is a,b,c,d, e, and f. What seems to be paranoid delusion today was quite real back then. All possibilities were considered, and a permanent cover-up was the best resolve. In my opinion the only. They did the right thing for the time being.

Now it is 2005, and the world is a confusing mess, while the bands play on. Nothing seems to phase anyone in this age of desensitization. We pretend everything is going to be okay somehow, as long as we trust in god and government. We are lied to, cheated, and misinformed day in and day out by the very system we pretend to trust. But then again do we really have a choice? Many of us know what's going on, and the government knows we know, and life simply goes on.

There is a case for interplanetary saucer

The American magazine LIFE is well known and serious and does not publish anything without great care. This article made quite a fuss at the time of its publication in 1952 when the public interest for the "flying saucers" had strongly decreased, and before the flying saucers were again a hot topic for the media when they flew over Washington on several occasions at the end of the year.

In addition to the fact that LIFE concludes frankly that the flying saucers are extraterrestrial crafts, the article indicates the remarkable and astonishing fact that US Air Force found nothing there to argue with, on the contrary, they actively collaborated and maybe even prompted the article. This is something that will never happen anymore in the future: after the UFO flap over Washington, US Air Force adopted a policy of denial and debunking, which they still hold today.

The serious written press, beside few exceptions, will never again issue any Front Page article with conclusion of extraterrestrial origin of UFOs.

   UFOs: Disinformation and Deception

 UFOs: A Skeptics Primer  


The Man Who Invented Flying Saucer

In 1947, the editor of Amazing Stories watched in astonishment as the things he had been fabricating for years in his magazine suddenly came true!



Russia's Flying Saucers


This UFO was photographed by Erik Reuterswärd at 2.30 PM on July 9th, 1946. As it was a sunny summer day there were many witnessess. Reuterswärd happened to snap the picture by chance from an air watch tower close to Guldsmedshyttan in mid-Sweden. Throughout the year, numerous "ghost rockets" were reported flying over Norway and Sweden, and even crashing. This is one of the few known photographs of the phenomenon.

Ufologist Tim Good in his 1987 book Above Top Secret, commented on the Ghost Rockets:

In 1946 the Scandanavian countries reported over 2,000 unidentified flying objects over their airspace. These objects usually looked like rockets with fiery exhausts, and they sometimes performed unusual manoeuvres as they passed overhead. At first they were thought to be captured German V-2 missiles that were being tested by the Russians, but British radar experts said they did not come from the U.S.S.R. Experts said that 80% of the reports were due to natural phenomena such as meteors, but they had no explanation for the other 20%. Oddly, the objects appeared over some of the southern European countries also, such as Greece, where an official investigation was conducted in 1947. The leader of that investigation, Professor Paul Santorini, revealed in 1967 that their investigation showed that the objects were not missiles. He also said that before they could proceed any further, the army ordered the investigation stopped. Even today, over fifty years later, official files on the ghost rockets are still classified documents.


A September, 1946 Top Secret Memorandum on Ghost Rockets


Flying Saucers Invade Europe

Strange Flying Objecvts Are Appearing in Large Numbers Over the Continent. Are they Secret Weapons of the USSR or....?

[This compilation of foreign newspaper stories appeared during the European flap of 1950-54 and was printed at the peak of the sightings in a small English-language magazine published by Charles Harnett at Kaiserslautern, Germany]

August 1948 ... All of Europe was still laughing about the many flying saucer sightings reported in the United States the previous year. Americans were certainly making fools of themselves. But the last laugh was yet to come, because on August 16 an Austrian newspaper blazoned its pages with what was described as "the first sightings of flying discs in central Europe".

Residents in the Mühlviertel district of Upper Austria along the Czech border had reported seeing flying saucers moving at an exceptionally high rate of speed, then returning just as rapidly to the point where they were first noticed.

Soon similar stories were running rampant as strange objects appeared elsewhere. This was the beginning of the European flying saucer flap that began in 1950 and continues unabated to this day.

But apparently unknown to many Europeans and most Americans, saucers had been witnessed much earlier and by a good many people throughout the Continent But there had been no flap -- the sightings had been sporadic and usually reported only in small local papers, mainly in Germany, France and Italy.

Turkey entered the controversy early when an Istanbul magazine recalled eyewitness accounts of flying saucers in the Maras region in November 1947, adding that reports had reached Turkey that Soviet scientists had been experimenting with missiles powered by cosmic rays in the region east of Maras, across the Soviet-Turkish border.

A newspaper in Rome told how, in March of 1948, seven UFOs were spotted speeding across north Italian skies on a path from northeast to southwest. Eyewitnesses reported that the objects traveled at a very high speed at around 15,000 feet altitude and seemed to emit "deep sounds".

A report of August 18, 1949 had eyewitnesses at Lucinico, Trieste near Gorizia seeing flying saucers coming from the direction of the Yugoslav border and proceeding rapidly in a northward direction.

On October 29, 1948, newspapers throughout Europe reported this sighting near Munich:

Five U. S. Air Force pilots observed a mysterious, silvery object similar in appearance to a so-called flying saucer hanging high over Neubiberg Air Base in Bavaria. The object disappeared at a terrific speed after having remained over the air base more than 30 minutes. A similar object had been seen days before by another group of American pilots.

These reports touched off a chain of speculative comments among astronomers and scientists on the continent, who variously claimed that the objects were from Russia or from outer space. Few seemed to regard them as products of the United States.

In November of 1948 reports came from Denmark that unidentified flying objects had been seen at Skagen, Northern Jutland. These were described as missiles which passed over Skagen at high altitude and disappeared northward over Skagerrack. A Danish coast guardsman allegedly saw one disc-like object moving northward at 15,000 feet altitude and then, through binoculars, observed another "shining like silver and traveling in a different direction". Scores of eyewitnesses corroborated the incident.

During 1949 saucer sightings over Europe waned but interest was kept alive by reports from the United States that on August 20 officials from the U. S. Air Force's Office of Special Investigation (OSI) had found two dilapidated objects resembling flying saucers in a tobacco shed in the small town of Marley Park, Maryland. The machines, according to a wire service story, had been built before the war by a Jonathan Caldwell who had since disappeared. One of the craft was reported to have flown. Officials said they were interested in finding Caldwell to learn what he had been doing since then and for whom. Hints were made that he might be turning out improved models elsewhere on a larger scale.

Foo Fighters in World War II

The name foo fighter was coined by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II for mysterious aerial phenomena, such as glowing balls, seen in the skies over Germany.

Originally used as a semi-derogatory reference to Japanese fighter pilots (known for erratic flying and extreme maneuvering), it became a catch phrase for fast moving, erratically flying objects (such as UFOs). It was thought at the time that they might be some German secret weapon, but the Germans were just as mystified by the phenomenon.


A German magazine carried a story about the so-called foo-fighters of World War II -- objects reminiscent of flying saucers that appeared usually as small balls of fire and trailed allied fighters and bombers on bombing raids. Rumor had it that these were radar-controlled devices designed by the Germans to track the course of allied aircraft

French magazine brought from the past a report of a flying saucer seen over Arras centuries before, in 1461. A 500-year old manuscript had been found in which the following appeared:

On the night of All Saints Day a bright object half the size of the moon was seen for almost a quarter hour. It flew rapidly in wild maneuvers, then darted out of sight.

The report closely paralleled sightings nearly 500 years later.

DPA, the German national press agency, reported in October 1949 that Copenhagen got its first glimpse of "flying fireballs" in and around the city. Balls of fire were also reported over the island of Bjornholm in the Baltic, and similar bodies had been sighted over Sweden the week before.

Reporters who had written of "Gallic scepticism" after 15 years of super secret projects under Hitler began to scratch their heads as more and more sightings flooded police stations and newsrooms late in 1949. Could so many people be mistaken by ordinary objects in the sky or hoodwinked by hoaxes? To pragmatic Europeans, it appeared that something was being seen that could and should be explained but weren't.

Until 1950, flying saucer stories had attracted little more than passing interest among Europeans. This was to change abruptly. For 1950 and 1951 were to be the years of the most seen over European skies. In the early months, reports came by the hundreds from Belgium, Germany, Sicily, Austria, Lebanon and Portugal. About these, American news organizations were strangely quiet.

For example, postal official Josef Brem and his wife claimed to have seen a strange object blazing a trail across the sky over Koetzling, Germany. Brem described it as yellow-silver, disk-shaped, flat like an inverted saucer and surrounded by an opal-shaped, brightly lit ring. He said it remained in view more than a minute before flying off swiftly in a southwesterly direction.

Then scores of department store employees in Brussels told police of witnessing a flying saucer zipping about in the sky above their store.

The crew of a coast guard ship cruising off north Portugal at night told of seeing dozens of strange objects flying in various formations and moving "faster than tracer bullets".

An entire population of a Sicilian village watched in awe as a saucer-shaped object circled the town of Caltagirone, moved in a wide arc, and then disappeared to the southeast.

Two Vienna policemen said they glimpsed a UFO heading eastward toward the Czech border, keeping it in view for more than half a minute.

Europeans could hardly believe their eyes each morning when they picked up their newspapers to read new reports of strange aerial craft cruising, hovering, speeding and manoeuvring over the skies of every country from England to Italy and from Spain to the iron curtain.

Denmark and Italy were reporting more sightings than other countries during this period. Some scientists appeared to accept the idea that the objects were either Russian or American. Few followed the theories of American "experts" who spoke of ionized clouds, mirages, meteors or mass hysteria. An occasional European scientist ventured to say it was "possible" that the phenomenon had its origin in outer space.

Everyone, it seemed, had an opinion and each was a little different from the other. One American went a little too far to suit most Europeans when he said he believed the objects were the "heavenly host". Another found a biblical phrase that said, "And there shall be signs in the sky."

Then, just as suddenly as they came, the strange objects dropped out of sight. Some cases continued to crop up every few weeks in England. And for a short time in France they averaged 20 sightings a day over a three-day period.

In January 1952, an expert in meteors in New Mexico made headlines in the leading newspapers of Europe when he stated that a series of green fireballs sighted over the southwestern states were probably not meteors, but more likely guided missiles of Soviet origin. This followed a story in Look magazine that claimed saucers could be manmade vehicles, "most probably Soviet".

Then came the story of a 40-year old graduate of the University of Prague and former Luftwaffe Captain Rudolf Schriever, who claimed to have designed a flying saucer before the collapse of Germany in 1945. He explained that in the early 1940s engineers throughout the world had been experimenting with craft of highly unusual configurations, including the now famous inverted saucer shape.

According to Schriever, a set of blueprints turned up missing from his laboratory and when he gave duplicates to colleagues in Prague they apparently ended up in Russian hands, enabling the Soviets to build a saucer.

Late in 1952 the American magazine People Today said that its editors believed flying saucers were not only real but were guided missiles launched from the Soviet Union. The article stated that saucers were being launched from Atomgrad Number 3, a highly secret missile center near Finland. The missiles were described as crewless and deployed mainly for reconnaissance of U. S. atomic and military installations. According to the magazine, "cameras and electronic observation devices" were loaded aboard the craft which were then guided by remote control via a chain of Soviet snorkel submarines in the Atlantic. It seemed the government was not telling the truth for fear of panic.

This story was given some credence when Swedish officials recorded the passage of unidentified flying objects hurtling across Scandinavia in a direct line toward the United States.

In January 1953 the general staff of the Danish Army issued orders to all servicemen to be on the alert for unidentified flying objects. The order was that any strange aerial apparition should be reported to authorities immediately.

An interesting aspect of these sightings is that in most cases the objects appeared to originate from the direction of the iron curtain, and often returned toward the same direction. Coming at the height of the cold war, this led some psychologists to speculate that the sightings were an example of mass hysteria caused by international tensions or fear of a Soviet invasion.

Early in 1954, a Swedish pilot observed a strange metallic circular object flying at supersonic speed over southern Sweden well within range of secret Soviet rocket bases. The craft was in sight for 10 seconds. Days later, Radio Moscow took the unusual step of denying that Russia was behind the saucers. The unprecedented announcement claimed that so-called unidentified flying objects were merely propaganda inventions "to create the impression that Moscow is provoking its neighbours". It denounced western news media for spreading falsehoods.

On March 26, 1954 five control tower personnel at a NATO air base near Landstuhl, Germany reported seeing a UFO. F-86 Sabrejets were scrambled but failed to get close to the illusive object. Eyewitnesses said the object appeared several times during the early evening hours but each time the jets tried to close, they were not able to get near it. Speed of the object was said to be moving fairly slowly, leading some to speculate that the object was a weather balloon. However, no balloons were reported in the area and the object seemed to easily outmanoeuvre the jets. The Air Force released no conclusions following the sighting.

Are flying saucers interplanetary spaceships or missiles from Russia or the United States, if they exist at all? Though some "experts" claim they are piloted by 40-inch tall creatures, others say there is evidence to show that they are supersecret craft of ultra-modern design produced by the Soviet government and used principally for observation. The German illustrated magazine Frankfurter Illustrierte carried a series of articles to advance this theory. It contained the kind of detail that caused many official eyebrows to raise.

It told of a secret report delivered on April 28, 1948 from the U. S. State Department to the Joint Chiefs of Staff which stated in part:

From time to time, some saucer-like projectiles have displayed movements that indicate they are controlled in an intelligent manner and are either piloted or radio-controlled. The acceleration of these objects is higher than present normal limits. They are noiseless. With the aid of special instruments, their diameters have been measured to be as large as 100 to 160 feet in diameter.

If this article was based on fact, it was directly contradicted by an Air Force official a month later who stated that reports of unidentified flying objects were completely unfounded.

The magazine went on to quote the chief of the U. S. Defense Staff in Tokyo as stating on May 9, 1953:

In the past few weeks, Navy and Air Force craft operating in the Pacific have seen strange objects on several occasions, objects generally referred to as flying saucers. Their routes could be determined along with their possible home station. Near the island of Tinian one of the objects was struck by an American aircraft and fell into the ocean.

Major Donald E. Keyhoe, a marine reserve officer, personally investigated UFOs and has written articles and books purporting to prove that the illusive objects are interplanetary spacecraft. His latest book is due to be released in Europe soon.

Whatever side of the controversy you favor, one thing is for certain. So many eyewitnesses cannot be wrong. Thousands upon thousands of persons throughout the world have seen these objects with their own eyes and refuse explanations of mass hysteria, reflections in the sky or misinterpretations of ordinary objects.

Most recently, the Air Force has admitted that 20 percent of UFO sightings reported by Americans are mysteries yet to be explained. But what of the many more thousands of Europeans who have also witnessed these flying phantoms? What percentage of them are unexplainable and who is investigating them?

It's been said that a secret is the hardest thing to keep. Perhaps the riddle of the UFOs, if now a well kept secret, may be answered in our lifetimes.

A Closer Look at the 1946 UFO Wave

From the end of May 1946, Swedish and Finnish newspapers were reporting the appearance of mysterious light phenomena, "seen mainly at sunset". Without making a detailed study of these cases, one can immediately deduce, therefore, that the majority of these bright apparitions were taking advantage of the CES effect [Contrast Effect due to the Sun] due to the proximity of the sun below the horizon. They seemed to want to imitate supposed revolutionary Soviet rockets (pre-debunking, or an explanation orchestrated in advance) but, of course, "no wreck could be recovered, the devices falling into lakes each time" , as if deliberately so arranged. Even if some (exceptional) cases of devices were known where the craft had crashed down onto firm land, the remains were impossible to find. However, when it seemed that at last some pieces of metal had been found, the secret military authorities swallowed them up immediately, and so well that nobody could ever see them.

An American military report, favourable to the idea of Soviet rockets being responsible, emphasises that these "machines are evidently self-destroying", because one never finds the remains even though "it is impossible to doubt that they are projectiles". However, when the reader is made aware that one of the two signatories of this report was Captain Roscoe Hillenkoeter, who the following year was to become chief of the CIA and who took a keen interest in flying saucers, one can reasonably suspect the report of being a planned "spin" manoeuvre. The "projectiles" are, in reality, "ghost rockets" something which suggests, or rather promotes the idea that this is nothing other than light phenomena produced in the sky. It was in this same year of 1946 that the American Air Force began the Thumper and Wizard defence projects against ballistic missiles. This simulation of Soviet missiles could thus encourage the apportioning of greater investment into these projects.

At the latitude of Stockholm (Sweden), which is close to that of Oslo (Norway) and also of Helsinki (Finland), the CES effect is constant at night, over a period in 1946 extending from the 24th April to the 19th August, which corresponds well with the dates of this wave of sightings in this part of Europe. At this period, then, the Scandinavian countries formed a favourable zone for the testing of UFO production in the sky. When the wave of sightings was at its height, the night of the 9th to 10th of July in 1946, there were 250 sightings reported in Sweden. During this night, which lasted a little more than 6 hours, the sun did not go below -8º 19’, and the CES effect was thus indeed permanent. It turns out that it was precisely that day when American Admiral Hewitt’s naval squadron was entering the Baltic Sea on its way to visit Stockholm and we are left wondering if it was not this very squadron which was sheltering the source of the firing of the UFOs on that evening. For the remainder of the sightings, we can see that they very often occurred near the coastline, perhaps because the dirigible balloon used for the firing was kept on an American ship out at sea, but that is only a hypothesis.

The place of the sightings appears to move clearly and progressively towards the south", until it reaches north Africa, as if we were witnessing a second phase of more ambitious tests, after the success of the first series over Scandinavia.

The Spitzbergen Incident

On 28 June, 1952, the West German newspaper, Saarbrücken Zeitung reported the discovery by Norwegian jets fighters patrolling the Himlopen Straights, of a crashed flying disk on the remote Norwegian Island group of Spitzbergen. The disk was purportedly 125 feet in diameter, blue in colour with 46 jets mounted in the rim of the craft. It also had a plexiglass dome at its centre, although the disk was equipped with remote control equipment said to have Russian markings on them. The craft was dismantled and taken to Narvik for examination. The story was embellished by the Berliner Volksblatt on 29 July, 1952, the craft being constructed from unknown metals. The final account of the incident is that of the Stuttgarter Tageblatt of 5 September 1955, which declared that upon further investigation the markings were not in Russian, and that the metals were not manufactured on earth!

At the time of this report UFOs were becoming a world wide craze; in fact the Blue Book report shows that 1952 was the peak for ‘Flying Saucers’ sightings. As has been noted somewhat cynically, UFO flaps tend to appear when there is a dearth of worthwhile news items or topical subjects for the media. However, there might be more to this report than may seem. The appearance of ‘Ghost Rockets’ in 1946 would have brought about the involvement of the various intelligence agencies in the West. These would have employed whatever means of covert intelligence gathering that was at their disposal, this would include Remotely Piloted Vehicles. That the story first appeared in a German newspaper is strange, and asks more questions than are answered. Why not an American, British or more to the point, Norwegian newspaper?

1952 was the peak year for UFO reports, and the American press was full of such reports, particularly during after the Washington Flap of that year. If there was an aircraft of some kind recovered could it have been German of origin, and if so, did the Norwegian Defence Ministry contact their German counterparts regarding the find? Did someone at the German end leak the information to the press? Is there any credence in the story at all? Perhaps there is. The account of a former Luftwaffe Officer Andreas Epp, designer of a small circular aircraft he called the Flying Target, has more than a ring of truth to it and would certainly explain the Spitzbergen Disk.

Epp was stationed in Norway, and before returning to Germany, passed his design to Ernest Udet, minister for air armaments until his death in 1941. Epp learned that work was already underway on flying disks, and that his device was being evaluated at Peenemünde, and that work on flying disks was already underway in Prague. Later, while in Prague convalescing from wounds, Epp went to the hills outside the city to try and locate the secret base said to be there. Taking his Leica A camera with him, he took two pictures of what can only be described as a classic saucer, the resemblance with the Trent and Rouen pictures is remarkable. According to Epp, Bellonzo built the second prototype at Breslau, and it was this machine that was flown to Spitzbergen under remote control from the experimental station at Rechlin. Due to a bad landing the craft was unable to make the return flight. Presumably, this was the machine that was recovered in 1952, if such a flight and recovery took place that is.

British Military Intelligence were monitoring the "Enigma" transmissions regarding the V-1 flight test on the Baltic coast, and from 1943 the Photographic Interpretation Unit at Medmenham were instructed to be on the look out for rocket or jet aircraft at Rechlin. In regard to Epp's device, Project Sign refers to intelligence reports of German scientists working in the USSR on small saucer like disks. In 1959, Maj. Rudolfh Lusar published a book dealing with various weapons used by the Germans in WWII. Lusar refers to a Flying Disk project that had been under development at various locations in Germany and occupied Europe. He claimed that Dr. Richard Miethe built two different types of craft, one being of a plate design, the other resembled a discus and remarkable claims were made regarding its performance. Other scientists involved in the project were Schriever, Habermohl and Bellonzo. The various Disk craft were supposedly destroyed along with their research data before the Red Army entered Prague and Breslau. Lusar’s disclosures revealed little that had not already been speculated on. His book appeared six years after the Greek newspaper article, and seven years after the Spitzbergen report.

The Legends of UFO Crashes at Spitzbergen, Norway - 1946 & 1952

There have been numerous legends about UFO crashes; some of them have quite a bit of documentation and eyewitness testimony. Other


Svalbard is a group of several islands, six of which are fairly large. The group lies between 76° and 81° N, about 930 km north of Tromsø. The islands belong to Norway since 1920. They cover an area of about 62.000 km², and are mostly covered by ice and snow. There are no trees, but in fact 125 species of extra tough arctic growths. The highest mountain is Mt. Newton, rising to 1700 meters.

The Hinlopen Straits, place of the alleged crash, separates the islands of Spitsbergen and Nordaustlandet. The straits are going NNW,
between 79° and 80°N.
The straits are 120 km long and
10 km broad, at the narrow point.

The number of people living on Svalbard today is 3500. In the 1950s, population numbered some 1500. Norway and the Soviet Union has an agreement on coal mining on these islands. Most people living here are working in the mines. In later years, tourist traffic has increased noticeably, due to the beautiful nature of these areas.


There have been numerous legends about UFO crashes; some of them have quite a bit of documentation and eyewitness testimony.

There is just not enough verifiable evidence to support either of these events, and here are the reasons;

1946 Spitzbergen UFO Crash

The 1946 case, more than anything else, is memorable for its characters. The legend goes something like this; In 1946, General James H. Doolittle was sent to Sweden by the Shell Oil Company, supposedly to investigate the mystery of the "Ghost Rockets." Why an oil company would investigate UFOs is beyond my understanding. Unless they felt they could strengthen their profits somehow.

Somehow, he supposedly wound up in Spitzbergen. There are a number of Internet sites which claim that there was a short lived article published in America of a UFO crash in the Norwegian city about this time. Some people claim to have seen the article. The really odd thing about the tale of this case is the question must be asked what does Doolittle have to do with anything, since he is only mentioned as being in the area, and that is the end of his involvement.

The only redeeming part of this particular case is that it was reported by Dorothy Kilgallen, celebrity for her years appearing on the "What's My Line?" TV game show. She claimed that someone in the upper echelon of the British government informed her that a UFO had crashed near Spitzbergen, and was under investigation by the British and American military. Supposedly, this informant was Lord Mountbatten.

Some investigators claim that since no mention of the name Spitzbergen was found in the reports, that the location's mention was to cover up a crash in Great Britain. A crash in Great Britain during the same time period has no basis in fact either.

In addition to being a game show regular, Kilgallen also was a journalist of a sort, having written "gossip columns," but she also was well known for covering hard current events. She had covered the headline grabbing Lindbergh kidnapping story. In the 1950s, she had covered one of the top stories of her time, the Sam Sheppard murder trial.

Her last real claim to fame was in the 1960s when she got an interview with Lee Harvey Oswald killer Jack Ruby. This interview was carried by the "Los Angeles Examiner." She told friends that she had information that would "break the case wide open."

On 8th November, 1965, Dorothy Kilgallen, was found dead in her New York apartment. She was fully dressed and sitting upright in her bed. The police reported that she had died from taking a cocktail of alcohol and barbiturates. The notes of her interview with Ruby and the article she was writing on the case had disappeared. Luckily, she had given a friend a draft of her interview. Kilgallen was probably fearful for her own life, since several other writers who had worked on the Oswald / Ruby case had died under "unusual circumstances."

Kilgallen's reputation and notoriety was the only thing that kept the weak story of the Spitzbergen crash of 1946 alive. The last hope of further research into the Norwegian crash died along with her, as her sources were never verified.

1952 Spitzbergen UFO Crash

The other Spitzbergen crash story first appeared in the German newspaper “Saarbrücker Zeitung” in June 1952. The article, entitled "Auf Spitzbergen landete Fliegende Untertasse", was soon picked up by several other German newspapers, with many of them citing “The Stuttgarter Tagesblatt” as the original source.

The story was that jets of the Norwegian Air Force spotted a crashed UFO while flying over Spitzbergen on manoeuvres. The craft was disc-shaped with a According to the first article about the crash, the craft was an unmanned, remote-controlled vehicle with Russian writing on ontrols, but athe story was embroidered with each retelling, it soon acquired seven alien crewmen who were burned to death in the crash.

Legend of the Spitsbergen saucer